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TRICCAR Bioceuticals

TRICCAR products are backed by over $66,000,000 in research, double-blind placebo-based testing and clinical studies.  We primarily focus on natural solutions to disease treatment. 

We plan to launch the following products to the public in the 30 months post-closing of our Series B financing. 

  1. CAL™ calcium deficiency: 92% of women are calcium deficient. With CAL, two effervescent tablets in water provide more bioavailable calcium than 3 glasses of whole milk and can be safely consumed by lactose intolerant consumers. Clinically-proven to positively affect growth rates and test scores in children and calcium retention in active and elderly women who are most prone to loss of bone density and accidental fractures, CAL promises to bring calcium support to hundreds of millions of people worldwide.
  2. OFF™ obesity and weight control: Average weight loss of 23 pounds at 90 days with no significant change in diet nor exercise. Initial double-blind studies have been completed showing a 97% success rate.  Cessation of product use results in some weight gain, therefore, continued use if recommended.
  3. HYP™ hypothyroidism: 81% of test subjects experience a decrease in pain, 79% increase in energy, 68% relief from constipation, 52% relief from sensitivity to cold, 66% improved sexual performance, and 39% experienced weight loss.
  4. FCS™ mental acuity: Supports the ability to learn, recall information, and focus attention. Sustains mitochondrial biogenesis and neuroprotection. Supports cholinergic tone and neurotransmission. Safely supports cognitive functioning and the formation of short-term memory and the consolidation of long-term memory. Sustains mitochondrial biogenesis and neuroprotection. Supports cholinergic tone and neurotransmission. Assists in focus and calming of ADHD diagnosed children. 
  5. MND™: memory support for ages 40+: Supports mental acuity and the ability to recall information, remain attentive and mentally focused, and safely supports cognitive functioning and the formation of short-term memory and the consolidation of long-term memory. Test subjects report a 68% increase in memory formation and recall.
  6. CALM™: proven to reduce symptoms of menopause including,  temperature swings, insomnia, depression, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, reduced libido. When combined with OFF™, it has been proven to reduce weight gain. Highly effective when combined with MND™ and CBZ™.
  7. BPB™ blood cell performance: Aids in red blood cells separating, allowing white blood cells freedom of movement and increased ability to destroy harmful bacteria. Users report increased energy, greater mental clarity, and faster healing times due to colds and other sickness.
  8. SCF™ Skin Cancer Formula: Topical cream that eliminates skin cancer and aids healing. An additional cream, SCR™ increases speed of healing by over 40%;
  9. PSF™ Prostate Support Formula: Developed to support the overall health of the prostate.
  10. LVR™ Liver/Kidney Support Formula: Designed to gently flush, detox, and maintain the health of the liver and kidneys.
  11. SEE™ Vision Support Formula: Initial development for US Military, then general public.
  12. ISF™ Anti-Inflammation Formula: Anti-inflammatory alternative to NSAID and opiates. This formula presents a significant advancement in the use of Beta Glutans.
  13. CEL™: Bioactive polyphenols that optimize cellular, cardiovascular and metabolic health to support lifelong physical and mental wellness. 
  14. SPIRE™ cellular hydration : This bioceutical  provides industry leading hydration for high stress activities including sports, professions, and military. 

In the future, we plan to release nutraceuticals that help treat  post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), address persistent headaches, tackle alcohol toxicity, and a new formula we are very excited about that may prove beneficial in removing glyphosate (the active ingredient in the pesticide Roundup™) from the human body. 

TRICCAR has developed several formulae that we hope to introduce as bioceuticals if federal cannabis laws become clearer and the use of hemp extracts in supplements, including truth in labelling laws, is approved by the FDA. These include:


CBX™  The highest percentage by volume of full spectrum CBD, delivered in softgel form. 

CBZ™  A full spectrum cannabinoid-based sleep aid.

ZZZ™  Sleep

TNR™  Trigeminal Neuralgia pain and sleep relief

Formula 35  Nerve Support

Formula 43  Nerve Pain

Formula 45  Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Some of our formula will require full clinical testing and FDA approval as pharmaceuticals. We will partner with larger pharmaceutical companies to bring these through the FDA process.

CTP™  Congenital Toxoplasmosis (FDA Approval required)

Formula 30 & 70 Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (FDA Approval required)

Formula 36   Diabetic Nerve Pain  (FDA Approval required)

Formulae 40, 46, 48, & 50 Cancers  (FDA Approval required)

Several of our formulae will be adapted to Animal Science, primarily in the areas of performance and nutrition. 

Most of our products contain Polyamorphic Hipotomanine™, a proprietary natural formula that we developed that aids in absorption and enhances the benefits of other ingredients.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.