Our Story

Why We Do This

Why We Do This

Why We Do This

When a family member falls ill to a deadly disease, your perspective on life changes. When the medical community doesn’t have answers, you seek your own solutions.  

Such is the story of TRICCAR Holdings, Inc.  

Bill Townsend, a long-time marketing and technology entrepreneur (Lycos, Geocities (now Yahoo!), Deja (now Google and eBay), sixdegrees.com (the intellectual property behind LinkedIn), etc., began his investigations into plant-based medicines for treatment of common diseases and ailments after his sister-in-law, Cynthia, was diagnosed with  amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease is an almost certain death sentence for its victims and Cynthia was given 2-3 years to live.  

Three years into the disease, having exhausted all medically approved options, including the drug riluzole, Eastern medicine, and stem cell treatments, Cynthia was motionless and confined to a wheelchair. She could not speak and had difficulty swallowing. Even simple things like resting or getting a family member’s attention became impossible. Her discomfort from being mentally awake but trapped in a body that no longer responded to her commands resulted in her sleeping approximately 1 hour each night, causing additional health issues.  

Based on research we conducted, Cynthia began  daily support protocol of  1 capsule nightly of TRICCAR Formula #30. Within one week of beginning treatment, Cynthia’s sleep improved from 1 hour to 8 hours each night, appetite increased, and swallowing became easier.  

Within a few months of beginning this formula, she regained much of her swallowing capabilities which delayed the need for a feeding tube. Her reported pain levels decreased from 6-8 (on a scale of 1 to 10 with the most severe pain) to 0-1.

8 years after diagnosis, and 4 years past when her doctors said she'd likely pass, she is able to move her hands in order to communicate via phone and computer, and, because of her ability to sleep through the night, her mood has improved, she became healthier looking, has put on weight, and actually looks forward to a time when a cure for ALS may be available.

Her sleep cycle is a consistent 6-8 hours a night plus a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoon and she feels “less fearful” of the debilitating and terminal disease that is ALS.  

The benefits of TRICCAR’s support, along with its cost-effectiveness ($180/month), led Mr. Townsend to begin investigating other natural solutions to the world’s most common ailments.  

Continued investigations into ALS led to the development of Formula #70, which in initial tests, has indicated a dramatic reversal of the disease. TRICCAR intends to move this formula into clinical testing and FDA approval as soon as possible.

Realizing there were hundreds, if not thousands, of researchers around the world conducting important investigative studies on nature’s ability to heal, and that thousands of natural support protocols have been used throughout history, he began recruiting those interested in forging a new path to healthcare—a path that would put patients first, not patents. 

A path that would put patients ahead of profits. 

A path that would scour the ends of the earth seeking treatments to the world’s most severe and common ailments, including those suffering from ALS, diabetic nerve pain, trigeminal neuralgia, cancer, obesity, hypothyroidism, hypothyroidism, cognitive decline and ADHD. 

A path that would incorporate double-blind and clinical studies to prove the effectiveness of our bioceutical supplements and pharmaceutical solutions with one goal in mind: 

providing Hope for a Better Tomorrow .   

What We Do

Why We Do This

Why We Do This

TRICCAR Holdings, Inc. is a vertically integrated bioceutical company focused on research and product development and commercializing spport formulae targeting the world’s most devastating diseases and common ailments: cancer, hypothyroidism, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), trigeminal neuralgia, diabetic nerve pain,  PTSD, cognitive enhancement, ADHD, calcium deficiencies, obesity, and others.  

We conduct our own research and product development and sometimes partner with third-party researchers. We are developing a cultivation facility in Nevada to grow the ingredients our products require. Plants are cloned, seeded, and grown in our proprietary AgroPods™  medical-grade growing containers; each one capable of producing 5,500 fully mature plants a month. We package the final ingredients in our own manufacturing facility in Arizona, bringing what we consider the best of "Made in the USA" bioceuticals to consumers. 

TRICCAR has developed proprietary investigational approaches to disease treatment and abatement. The average success rate for a pharmaceutical company (disease identification-to- product) is 9.6%.2 TRICCAR’s initial 28 months of R&D led to a November 2016 breakthrough in pre-formulation hypothesis-based design and manufacturing procedures that significantly increased success rates from 16.4% to 47.2%. Another advancement increased success rates to 68.4%. This proprietary approach speeds hypothesis-to-testing times, leading to rapid prototyping, and shorter time to double-blind and/or clinical testing and thus, increased speed to market and ROI. 

TRICCAR’s business model features a dual-approach that includes bioceuticals (supplements not requiring Food & Drug Administration approval) and FDA-approved pharmaceuticals.

Over $67 million has been invested to date in research, development and double-blind and clinical studies.   

We won't ingest something that hasn't been shown to support good health and we certainly are not going to sell something that is useless. All of TRICCAR’s formulae must pass rigorous quality, safety and efficacy trials including double-blind and/or clinical studies.  If at least 85% of participants do not report noticeable results, we abandon the formula and move on to another one.  To support these efforts and ensure the highest quality manufacturing processes are followed, we operate our own packaging facility.

Our hypothesis-driven approach to disease abatement includes  alternatives to toxic procedures and drugs that have been shown to kill tissue, cause organ damage, weaken immunity, or otherwise produce side effects that are sometimes worse than the diseases they treat.   

TRICCAR’s product pipeline of formulae support viral immunity, obesity and organ fat reduction,  calcium deficiency, memory and alertness, hypothyroidism, congenital toxoplasmosis, cognitive enhancement, ADHD, diabetic nerve pain,  non-melanoma skin cancer, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), and general wellness support.   

TRICCAR’s research into cannabinoids and terpenes shows promise in supporting the human and animal endocannabinoid systems. The Company has several formulae based on naturally occurring plant cannabinoids, including plant species that are legal to grow and cultivate in most countries, including the United States, and proprietary breed of plants which TRICCAR has developed. We are also developing a means to replicate cannabinoids in the lab, potentially eliminating the need to plant thousands of acres of hemp. Initial indication is we can lower the price of CBD from $30 per gram to about 60 cents a gram, greatly increasing affordability of this naturally occurring element, while maintaining exceptional quality, and preserving the environment.   

We develop things that support good health and we put our own money to work helping others. The Company earmarks a percentage of profits to our non-profit entity that provides low-cost nutritional supplements to financially disadvantaged populations and ecological support for governments, NGOs, and universities to facilitate reclamation of distressed habitats and teach sound cultivation practices that protect the environment for future generations, providing hope for a better tomorrow.


Why We Do This


AVL™ : Our proprietary antiviral bioceutical, AVL, completed double-blind testing last month, demonstrating dramatic results: 10.5% of those taking AVL contracted RSV, rhinovirus, or human coronavirus compared to 40.6% of those taking placebo that did contract one of these viral infections. 4.7% contracted the flu, compared to 21.4% of those taking placebo who did.  The results suggest an easy and effective over-the-counter means to help people fight viruses; an important and vital benefit for first responders.

CAL™ : CAL provides the highest bioavailable calcium supplement: two effervescent tablets in water provide as much calcium as 3 glasses of whole milk.  With 92% of women being calcium deficient, the need for CAL is greater than ever before. Clinical tested and proven to strengthen bones which leads to a reduction in fractures. Four products make up our CAL line: CAL KIDS, CAL ACTIVE, CAL HER, and CAL 55. 

OFF™ : A dynamic weight loss bioceutical that requires no change in diet or exercise in order to remove stubborn body fat. Taken first thing in the morning with at least 6 ounces of water (and for severe obesity cases, at night, too) double-blind results show an average weight loss of 23 pounds in 90 days with a 97% success rate. 


HYP™ : 12% of the global population will suffer from hypothyroidism during their lifetimes. TRICCAR’s hypothyroidism support bioceutical, with a minimum use of 90 days, has been reported by hypothyroidism sufferers to support following results: 81% of subjects experience a reduction in pain, 79% increased energy, 68% get relief from constipation, 52% obtain relief from sensitivity to cold, 66% report improved sexual performance, and 39% experienced weight loss.

MND™ : A cognitive improvement formula made from a proprietary blend of plant extracts. Testing to date on subjects aged 45-78 shows an average self-reported increase in memory and cognition of 67% after 90 days use. 


FCS™ : Created as an offshoot of our memory formula, TRICCAR's FCS formula is designed for students, ages 12-25, to enhance focus for studies or for athletics seeking mental sharpness. Independent analysis of the product and of competent and reliable scientific evidence supports the following:  

a) Improves and boosts energy,  

b) Improves alertness, focus, and concentration,  

c) Supports the formation of short-term memory and the consolidation of long-term memory, sustains mitochondrial biogenesis and neuroprotection,  

d) Supports brain health, cholinergic tone and neurotransmission, human cognitive functioning, plus the formation of short-term memory, and the consolidation of long-term memory,  

e) Supports the ability to create new memories and retrieve memories, and  

f) Supports the ability to learn, recall information, focus attention on attention-demanding tasks, reason, problem solving, and safely supports cognitive functioning.

BPB™ : This blood performance boost formula supports the separation of red blood cells, allowing white blood cells freedom of movement and increased ability to destroy harmful bacteria. It's a superb choice to ensure your blood is performing at its best.


TRICCAR has conducted limited testing on a trigeminal neuralgia formula. For those suffering from this dreadful nerve disease--often called the Suicide Disease because of its ranking as the most painful disease known to mankind--our formula shows promise in providing outstanding support for TN1 and TN2.

Our approach to treating diabetic nerve pain is equally exciting with our formula showing promise in supporting the common symptoms of diabetes. Diabetic neuropathy can cause numbness or tingling in your fingers, toes, hands, and feet. Another symptom is a burning, sharp, or aching pain (diabetic nerve pain).  Popular treatments include Lyrica,  Gabarone, Neurontin,  Carbatrol, Tegretol, or anti-depressants.  Our Formula #54 appears to support a decrease in numbness, tingling, and pain. Clinical studies are being planned.

We have increased the number of formulae that may be utilized to treat symptoms of multiple cancers. Of personal interest to Mr. Townsend is a formula for pancreatic cancer which took the life of his former business partner, Hollywood director James Kellahin, as well as actor Patrick Swayze, and tech legend Steve Jobs. The Company plans to begin clinical trials on these solutions in 2021. 

While the majority of TRICCAR's products will be available over the counter, the company has 11 products that will likely require FDA approval before being made available to the public and the Company intends to partner with leading pharmaceutical firms to bring these promising treatments to market.  



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Wishing you good health.